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Buying a Jonny Concrete Door Stop
You never actually own a Jonny Concrete door stop, you merely look after it for the next generation. They arenít just a device for holding doors open, they're an heirloom that transfers values across generations.

They are also heavy and should not be used in place of a buoyancy aid, dropped on feet or thrown at windows or people.
The Jonny Concrete Door Stop at London Fashion Week 2019
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'Its better to have owned a Jonny Concrete doorstop and had it stolen in a luxury goods heist than to have never owned one at all.' Alfred Lord Tennyson's brother by another mother
Do Good Doorstops Cost Less at Jonny Concrete?
If you follow our stories on Instagram (@jonnyconcreteuk) you may be lucky enough to find one of the square doorstops we leave around London for people to find. These are completely free for you to keep, no strings attached. For those of you who can't be arthed to go looking or if you need a fine lump of contrete urgently you can buy our round doorstops for £45 each which includes delivery to UK addresses.

This is amazing value at under 0.0013p per day assuming they last for 100+ years.

We can also personalise our round doorstops as gifts for birthdays, weddings, house warmings, funerals and other celebrations. This can make for a very original concrete doorstop present and can often make the gifter the favourite child, relative, friend or guest. It can also make gifting a lump of old concrete a much more thoughtful and sensitive thing to do. Message us on IG, email us or call us to discuss your requirements with one of our thoughtfulness experts.

Jonny Concrete Doorstop for Sale
Personalised Jonny Concrete Doorstop for Sale
Personalised Jonny Concrete Doorstop for Sale
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