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The Jonny Concrete Door Stop at London Fashion Week
You never actually own a Jonny Concrete door stop, you merely look after it for the next generation. They arenít just a device for holding doors open, they're an heirloom that transfers values across generations.

They are also heavy and should not be used in place of a buoyancy aid, dropped on feet or thrown at windows or people.
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Concrete Door Stop
'Its better to have owned a Jonny Concrete doorstop and had it stolen in a luxury goods heist than to have never owned one at all.' Alfred Lord Tennyson's brother by another mother
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For those of you who can't be arthed to go looking around London for our square doorstops you can buy our round doorstops for £45 which includes delivery to UK addresses.

Assuming they last for 100 years this is under 0.0013 pence per day. Message us on IG, email us or call us for a chit chat.

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