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Brick Wall for Graffiti Artists
We make brick wall for graffiti artists - that doubles as a novely guest book for weddings and parties. Use it to vandalise your precious flat (the neat and tidy way) or give it as a present for granny and guests to scrawl a message on.
Graffiti is easy and fun, most of us just never get a go because we are scared of going to prison. The worse the handwriting and the ruder the words, the more gangland it looks.
Our brick wall can be made to almost any size and hangs on the wall or stands on the floor. It's made of a composite that's hard like brick, cold like brick but not heavy like brick.
Show your friends how bad ass you are and gratuitously, senselessly, selfishly graffiti something that's taken us hours to make.
Brick Wall for Graffiti Artists
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